"The Matchbox Art has the small canvas as the surface of the Matchbox size and unthought-of by any artists and critiques, who have shaken the galleries around the world in our time but the world in it, could be as wide and deep as one could appreciate the art.

Ivan Riches’s art on the surfaces, both outer and inner of the common match boxes is a delicate craft of a jewel artist and marvelously meaningful of sullen art as the brooding soliloquies of Shakespeare but not gloomy.

Actually they are as sparkling as the diamonds and other precious stones attracting the audience with wonder and one could spend hours looking at them.

But their roots are in both physical pain and mental anguish the artist suffered when he was not artist. But they have sharp spurs that make the mare move. The art has that unique capacity to soothe pain like a cool balm applied on the open wounds and in some cases healing and curing as well.

Ivan Riches says in his statement “I am displaying imagery from my thoughts and memories, which are all too easily lost or forgotten, like used matchboxes”. And further on “as if I am living in a fractured time line”.  Don’t we all feel that “Time is out of its joint”?"

Sashadee, posted on June 20, 2011 @ http://afunnyfarm.org.uk/?p=1749

Installation at Boone's Chapel, South London, May 2011

Installation at Boone's Chapel, South London, May 2011
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